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Rabaul - Papua new Guinea

The group was excited because we were planning to climb up to the top of the live Rabaul volcano. As the ship docked in Rabaul, Papua New Guinea, we were greeted by groups of locals with smiling red teethes ,which were the cause of chewing betel nuts. Betel nuts when chewed continuously makes the teeth go red to brown then finally black. So you better think twice before having these nuts. We saw some of the locals selling betel nuts and we thought why not try some so, we bought some and headed for the volcano trip.

The day was cloudy not much of a sunshine but the weather was mild. We hired a pick up car cause we wanted to sit in the open air and enjoy the ride. Once we reached to the last stop point we had to get off the vehicle and walk through the hard rocks which were erupted by the volcano. We had to walk a few miles to reach the Volcano. Climbing up to the volcano was not that hard but we were already sweating a lot cause we had waked a few miles. Small pebbles kept slipping in my shoes, making me remove the shoes to throw away the stones. Once we reached the top of the Volacano, it was a behold sight to see. Smokes were coming out of the volcano and the eruption had made a big sink hole. We were glad we made it, to see The Live  Rabaul Volcano

                                    On The way Up to the Volcano.
                     A butterfly chose me, yeahhh .😊
This is what it looks like, once you are on top of the Volcano.
Some Bestie Pose Time.

Some photo time with the friendly Local Guides.

                           Hope to see you Soon in Papua New Guinea Again.
That's what he told us Smiling .

In The Photos : Agnes Lekoekoe, Locals from Papua new Guinea
Photography : Colin Price and Agnes Lekoekoe


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