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Tanishq forays into fine fashion jewellery space with ‘IVA’

Introduces a new range of simple, sober yet sophisticated jewellery line for Beautiful women 

Event was held on 14th dec'12 at Out of the Blue, Bandra, Mumbai.

Tanishq jewellery thats what we are talking about. the beautiful stone studded jewellery will almost take your Hearts away. Designed in various shapes with glittering stones, meant for the women of today.
You can wear them with any dress, no matter what your shape or size be.

                      A piece of jewellery will make you look complete but Tanishq jewellery will make you look 
dressed up completly. Wear  Tanishq  jewellery at any event, be it fashion shows, Weddings,Festivals or Functions.

 Tanishq, India’s largest jeweller, today launched ‘IVA’ – a new fashion jewellery line in Gold to celebrate the true essence of feminism.

           Tanishq has tied-up with TIPS Industries Limited, the producers of the most-awaited action-thriller ‘RACE 2’ wherein leading actresses Deepika Padukone, Jacqueline Fernandez and Ameesha Patel will be seen donning the IVA collection in the film.

 It was launched in 1994 as a range of jewellery.  Tanishq was coined from a combination of Tata/Tamil Nadu and Nishq (meaning a necklace of gold coins)

      The Bold look of Tanishq jewellery sets your heart on fire making you want them for more.
so go ahead and don a new look today with awesome collection of tanishq jewellery.

Race 2 girls in the beautiful Tanishq'Iva Jewellery.

Below are the snapshots of the Tanishq event.



The Tanishq pendant/ Pendrive. A gift from Tanishq


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