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A Day Out In Port Villa, Vanuatu

It was a beautiful day in Port villa, Vanuatu .I decided  to go out for some fun. So, i took all the necessary things for the day, filled my bag and got ready. I wore this plaid dress and teamed it up with my black boots.
                   The city is close by from the port and it just cost $5 AUD by taxi and they do have these boats which they call water taxi and this also cost only $5 AUD . Going by the boats is faster than going by car. We love riding boats so we decided to take the water taxi. it was fun to ride in the boat. We went to a resort called iririki Island resort. Its a big Resort with beaches and beautiful accomodations. They have Casino as well and its a good place to relax and spend your time. The day was fun and i did have a great time out with my friends.

                                                   Photography : Nilupul Sigera

Rabaul - Papua new Guinea

The group was excited because we were planning to climb up to the top of the live Rabaul volcano. As the ship docked in Rabaul, Papua New Guinea, we were greeted by groups of locals with smiling red teethes ,which were the cause of chewing betel nuts. Betel nuts when chewed continuously makes the teeth go red to brown then finally black. So you better think twice before having these nuts. We saw some of the locals selling betel nuts and we thought why not try some so, we bought some and headed for the volcano trip.

The day was cloudy not much of a sunshine but the weather was mild. We hired a pick up car cause we wanted to sit in the open air and enjoy the ride. Once we reached to the last stop point we had to get off the vehicle and walk through the hard rocks which were erupted by the volcano. We had to walk a few miles to reach the Volcano. Climbing up to the volcano was not that hard but we were already sweating a lot cause we had waked a few miles. Small pebbles kept slipping in …

My Summer Wear

It was a beautiful day in Sydney. The sun was bright and the weather was lovely so I decided to have a lovely time exploring Sydney with my friends.          Since it was sunny day so I wore a white shirt from cotton on and paired it with my blue floral shorts and completed it with my pair of white Nike air max shoes. 
We went to the opera house and did have some fun there. we had a good walk. trolling all around the city by the time we were done for the day, our feet gave way. Anyway, we had a good time so no complaints. 

We went to the Royal botanic garden, as well. Its a beautiful garden and has various types of plants.
  The garden gets a good crowd in the evenings. The garden provides free wifi as well.


Got to explore this beautiful island which is located in the Pacific Ocean. It lies southeast of Grande Terre, New Caledonia's main island.
                        The inhabitants of the island are mainly native Melanesian Kanaks and the population is 2,000. Its a beautiful Island and is worth travelling there.
    They open up small markets whenever there is a tourist visit. So, if you are travelling there don't forget to try the local food from the market. Also, the beef burger is a must try.

Melanesian people lived on the island for over 2000 years before the island was first visited by Europeans. Captain James Cook in 1774 saw the island and renamed it on his second voyage to New Zealand. Cook gave the island its name after seeing the tall native pines (Araucaria columnaris). He never disembarked onto the island,but as he saw signs of inhabitance (smoke) assumed it was inhabited. In the 1840's Protestant and Catholic missionaries arrived, along with merchan…


So, it was a rainy day in wellington and the weather was chilly. my friends pulled me out for a coffee and some snacks. though it was raining, we decided to get out and have some good time. the city was crowed even though it was raining. there was smiling and happy faces all around and it felt good.
                       I could see happiness of the people all over. Also,saw this little boy who was so excited to take photos, posing in funny poses. you can see him next to me in the below photo. it was one of his signature pose. I can say this kid funny poses made my day.

Since it was cold I decided to pair my Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt Dress with my black boots. Always remember if you are finding difficulty in choosing the shoe color for your colored outfit apart from white then go with black shoes. black shoes compliments your outfit and it goes with any color.

It was a day well spent in wellington. we had some Chinese food and coffee. did some shopping and wrapped up for the day.  

Travel diary - conflict Island

So here I am after a long long break. In this past few months I have been travelling Australia & the surrounding Islands. It was fun working & cruising all the way long. Got to see many places, all different. Some beautiful, some strange, some breathtaking. To sum it all up - amazing!! The ship arrived in conflict Island it was a bright 🔆 sunny day. Me along with some of my friends took a tender to the island. It's a beautiful island but not much to see. People were having fun surfing and swimming. Some went for a ride on small boats. I tried to have some fun so went and had a swim in the shallow water. The water was blue and crystal clear. It was beautiful. Also Saw some beautiful blue fishes. The day was fun. 
Conflict Island